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Welcome to Edinburgh Belly Dancing

Belly dancing is for all women of all ages and you don’t need any previous dance experience to join our foundation course. Middle Eastern Dance has the ability to transform your physical, spiritual and mental well being. Here at Edinburgh Belly Dancing we specialise in Egyptian cabaret style belly dancing and fusion belly dance classes. These combine traditional techniques with modern influences from Egyptian and middle eastern dance, Spanish, and latin.

Tuition and Classes

Classes start with our Foundation Course which focuses on teaching core Egyptian movements, developing tone, improving suppleness and posture and are a great cardio work out whilst being lots of fun. Our intermediate and advanced classes focus on developing and progressing performance technique and learning choreography, musical interpretation, learning core isolations and learning to dance to Egyptian drum rhythms. Wednesday classes sometimes include a percussion player to play for the class. There are also Opportunities to join our performing dance Troup in live shows and demonstrations.

Hire for Events

Here at Edinburgh Belly Dancing we can perform or teach at a wide variety of events to suit your needs and will accept bookings all over the UK. Our experienced teachers and dancers have an exciting and captivating dance style which can add a colourful highlight to any event. Workshops / Parties last for 1 to 2 hours. We can put together a taster workshop for groups where we will come to you and teach you some of the belly dance movements and introduce you to this exciting dance. Please click here for more information

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